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Coaching and Mentorship

"Barton absolutely refuses to have his disability define him. He is modeling what it looks like to not only have a calling but to act on it. If you are lucky enough to meet him you will see that both he and Megan are challenging our very idea of disability."
~ Kate Roske

"The journey of searching for the root of success versus the concept of searching for the root of a problem was a novel enough approach to get me into the same room as Barton. His ‘shoot from the hip’ to get to the heart of the matter method is what got me to stay! Barton’s style of guiding you through an expedition of self-discovery is so gentle that often times you feel like you are just chatting with a friend over coffee when in reality you are visiting your inner soul.  Once there Barton helps facilitate the unearthing of what it takes to be successful.  Having been a skeptic of things like coaching, I now profess to being a believer thanks to Barton!"
~Steve Potts, Professional Event Planner

"In my first session with Barton Cutter, I felt stripped and naked in front of a tribal fire, there is something almost holy when standing in front of the tribal dreamweaver that takes your accounts and distills them into light. I have found his insight even in a single idea, they key to understanding the jumbled puzzle we spend lifetimes trying to solve."
~Nancy Stolfo-Corti, Author
“I had the pleasure of first meeting Barton in a coach-training course I was co-leading for the Coaches Training Institute. To say that I was impressed with him or that he surprised me with his ability would be a gross understatement... With his insight, intuition, and an uncanny incisiveness that comes straight from the heart, Barton blew me out of the water. The man can coach. Be forewarned, however: Barton has an extremely sensitive bulls--t-meter, and he makes no bones about calling it as he sees it - no running, no hiding. If you know it's time to get on with becoming who you were meant to be, if you are really ready to take action, if you are willing to be challenged and take ownership of and responsibility for your life, you will find your time with Barton Cutter well spent.”
 ~Ken Mossman, CTI Faculty

“Barton Cutter is a remarkable man with a keen intelligence and awareness and a delightful spirit. I have found conversations with Barton to have an unusual relevance; his questions dive deep and clearly into the heart and soul of a matter. I come away from my visits with Barton inspired, energized and importantly, recognized. The experience for me has been extraordinary. I can't pinpoint what makes the time with him shine; but part of it has to be the quality of his attention.”
  ~Anora McGaha, Social Media Consultant

“Barton has exceptional interpersonal skills that support his successful work with youth, advocates and professional colleagues. He is committed to using his people skills, and personal experience to improve the lives of others through individual, community and system change.”
 ~Jacqueline Cavadi, Program Development & Grants Manager, Easter Seals UCP North Carolina

Creative Journaling and Expression

"Megan successfully created a safe and 
encouraging space for the campers to share their creations, and the result was amazing to see! Some of the campers completely opened up in ways we would have never seen."
~Jenny, Reality Summer Camp

 "It was a great opportunity for all of the campers to express themselves not only by writing but by using any media that best shows who they are. I had a great time with my buddy in the writing class because we didn’t just focus on writing, we looked at and explored various ways to express ourselves."
~Neel, Reality Summer Camp

"I liked the freedom the camper is given to express their emotions through a variety of exercises, such as drawing and oral speech. My camper opened up to me about her life and struggles she has been through, and we got to know each other better. It was fun!"

"I truly enjoyed Megan's workshop on journaling. Her exercises were challenging, fun and thought provoking. She seems like a very compassionate person, and I felt very comfortable sharing in the group. I also found Megan to be very knowledgeable, and I feel much more confident and motivated to journal."
  ~Participant at A Place for Women to Gather Workshop

Speaking Engagements

"Barton and Megan Cutter of Raleigh urged adults with disabilities to reach within themselves to carve out the lives that they want. They are the definition of self-advocacy for individuals with developmental disabilities!"
~ Chuck