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Social Media Strategy & Reputation Management

Do you just dread writing a blog,
        posting on Facebook
                   or following your Twitter account?

How do you transform online connections into loyal customers with valued relationships?

At Cutter’s Edge, we leverage the latest in web and social media tools, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and Google+, to enhance brand awareness and craft positive reputation management strategies to ensure that you get the most out of your online interactions!

We know that the key to a positive online reputation rest on your ability to engage meaningfully with those you most want to reach. We’ll partner with you to:

• Develop a strategy that enhances the position of your brand.

• Identify the social media networks your audience uses most.

• Incorporate Search Engine Optimization into your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blog posts for maximum impact.

• Engage and monitor discussions and conversations involving your brand.

• Build positive community ties online and face-to-face.

With over fourteen years of combined experience in brand management, marketing and PR as well as an additional five years in leadership development and coaching, Barton and Megan Cutter bring an ongoing fervor for working directly with individuals and organizations to enhance their messaging, their brand, and their passion.

For more information on developing a social media strategy for your organization, email us today!