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Telling Your Powerful Story

What aspects of your personal experience lead you to connect with your professional field and why are you dedicated to the field you are in?

Each one of us has a story to tell that ties us to the story of our organization, and these experiences are powerful, moving, and vital to our dedication to our field or organization. These responses may be different than other community members or colleagues, but they lead us to the mission of our organization that gives us hope, inspiration, and keeps us moving forward.

Yet, how do we communicate our stories to those we don’t know while connecting the pieces of our professional and personal lies together?

Telling our powerful stories can move us from a place of limiting beliefs to discovering passion, vision and mission in our professional and personal lives.

In this program, we will explore how to move from the facts of your background to a deeper understanding of how your story has transformed your life and values, techniques to use different expressions of the telling your story depending on your audience, and utilizing the understanding of our transformations to bring forth active living in our everyday lives.

Telling Your Powerful Story offers organizations and its team members the capacity to empower each member, uncover the connection to their personal experiences and discover how these new roles fit into the larger vision of the organization.

In this program, your organization will:

• Move from “facts” of the story to a deeper understanding of how the story transforms you as an individual, and has the potential to impact others to bring about positive change.

• Move from “facts” of our personal story to a deeper understanding of the transformation that can occur, values or aspects you receive from the experience.

• Explore different expressions of the same story- what are they, the power in each of the different expressions and how they serve yourself & others when vocalizing your story.

• Utilize the understanding of the transformation to bring forth active living from that place of transformation to discover a deeper vision in your life.

As coaches and facilitators, Barton and Megan Cutter bring together the best of their skills to empower individuals and build a healthy team dynamic. Through utilizing poignant writing prompts and decisive coaching, Barton and Megan support participants to interweave their personal and professional stories to create a comprehensive team mosaic.

This program can be offered in either a full or half-day format.For more information on scheduling this program for your organization, call (919) 389-6423 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it today!