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Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Building Organizational Inclusion Through Individual and Team Coaching

What’s stopping you from being that dynamic leader
that your organization desperately needs?

Transform your work environment from “just another job to pay the bills” to an atmosphere where you and your co-workers become a highly dynamic and creative team, one where employees at all levels have strong voices and work well within the collaborative process as well as individually. The first step in this tranformation is YOU! 

Inclusive Leadership Coaching will allow you to unlock a new depth of personal motivation that will shake you out of the daily grind and into the joy and excitement of knowing how each moment is deeply connected to your purpose!

Discover the taproot of your potential to empower yourself and those around you by finding the courage to be your best. Then share this courage to inspire a collaborative process that fosters innovative solutions, builds natural support and trust among your co-workers, and opens pathways to continued development for all team members.

Inclusive Leadership Coaching focuses on building inclusion throughout your team by utilizing experiential learning and creative discovery that enhance team dynamics through ongoing support.

Inclusive Leadership Coaching sharpens the edge on:

• deepening personal leadership and flow

• team dynamics, motivation, and creativity in the workplace

• inclusion and team cohesion

• creative problem-solving

• disability awareness and education

• navigating issues with accommodations or assistive technology

• engaging different learning/work styles

• using creative play to enhance productivity and employee engagement

Barton Cutter has over 12 years of providing inclusive coaching and leadership skills development to teams and organizations. A person with a disability himself, Barton works with groups and individuals alike to help them move past environmental and attitudinal barriers to create fully inclusive approaches to professional and organizational development.

Inclusive Leadership Coaching is available in a variety of formats including one-on-one and team sessions as well as half-day, full-day and comprehensive 3-day intensives.

For more information on implementing this program for your organization, call (919) 741-4876 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it today!