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Disability Awareness and Inclusion Training

Training solutions for disability awareness and organizational inclusion

Is your organization committed to building
an inclusive and diverse work force?

As the owner or hiring manager of your company, you’re looking for the top professionals in your field. What if there was a group of untapped professionals right at your fingertips?

Professionals with disabilities:
~ represent the fastest growing market segment among consumers.
~ can provide acute insights into overcoming complex challenges and deliver unorthodox solutions in an ever-changing environment.
~ over time, demonstrate greater organizational loyalty and commitment.

Cutter’s Edge Consulting hands you the tools to attract and utilize some of the sharpest minds in your field. Creating an inclusive environment doesn’t have to be a drain on your organization!

Transform perceived limitations into valuable assets and learn how to identify the potential within a candidate with disabilities!

• develop disability awareness and etiquette.

• promote full inclusion in the office environment and creative problem-solving for interview scenarios.

• enhance barrier-free communication among all staff.

• understand workplace accommodations and assistive technology.

Barton Cutter has over 12 years of building inclusive leadership skills among teams and organizations. A person with a disability himself, Barton works with groups and individuals alike to help them move past environmental and attitudinal barriers to create fully inclusive approaches to professional and organizational development.

Inclusive Leadership Training is available in a variety of formats from one-two hour modules to half-day, full day and comprehensive 3-day workshops.

For more information on scheduling this program for your organization, call (919) 741-4876 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it today!