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The heart of a strong organization lies in its creative abilities to harness, not only the talent and strengths of each individual, but the dynamics and cohesion of an entire team. Creating an inclusive environment so that everyone, including those with disabilities, are valued and are vital members of the team dynamic.

When Barton moved to Raleigh in 2005 and embarked on a job hunt, like any young professional, he came across an unexpected barrier. With ambitions to work in the disability field, he found that many organizations he contacted could not understand his drive toward professional employment and assumed instead that he needed receive support services from them. Barton was met with disbelief that he could become a valuable asset to their organization.

Yet, people with disabilities, be they developmental, learning or physical in nature, are an undervalued resource.

Hiring managers may not realize that:
• the width and depth of skills may be well beyond what they see on the outside.

• creating a conducive environment can utilize these unseen skills.

• making accommodations can be simple and uncomplicated.

• the experience of living with a disability can be a value in and of itself offering qualities such as perseverance, creative thinking and problem solving, and determination to completing tasks.

What would it give your organization to create a professional team that builds upon the strength of every individual?

Cutter’s Edge Consulting provides comprehensive training and coaching to ensure that your organization can become a leader in developing inclusionary hiring practices, team building and leadership training.

Check out how we can transform your organization!

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