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WRAL's The Tar Heel Traveler

WRAL The Tar Heel Traveler, hosted by Scott Mason

WRAL The Tar Heel Traveler Photographs
March 18, 2013

The Breaking Free Show

Interview on Breaking Free Radio Show, hosted by Marilyn Shannon

Monday, February 11th, 8pm EST, 1100 listeners for the live show!

A clip of this interview was featured on Everybody Matter’s Global Inclusive Initiative
March 29, 2013 Facebook Video Clip


Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll

Disability and relationships experts Barton and Megan Cutter release Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll, a memoir on their lives as a married couple impacted by disability. 

Their release event held at the IMAX Theatre of Marbles Kids Museum held over 175 guests who celebrated with a discussion of writing, reading from Ink in the Wheels and wine and chocolate reception.

Ink in the Wheels Event Reviews

Ink in the Wheels: Barton and Megan's Vision


Overcome Your Limits Radio Interview

Barton and Megan Cutter were featured on Christopher Powell's: Overcome Your Limits Radio Show, July 2013 to discuss their new memoir: Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll.

Listen to the Radiocast here: Overcome Your Limits


A View From My Window

Barton and Megan Cutter were featured on A View From My Window, hosted by Michelle Fisher.

Listen to the Podcast Here!
Blog: Behind the Mic

Empowered: Team Daniel Foundation

Barton and Megan were thrilled to be featured in the January 2011 edition of Empowered, a publication from the Team Daniel Foundation!


 Read their articles here:

Rolling Love: Profile of an Inter-ability Couple

Supporting Families Through Coaching, Mentorship and Creative Expression

Find out more information about the Team Daniel Foundation or Empowered here:


Our Lives, News and Observer

Congratulations to Barton Cutter who was a featured Our Lives, News and Observer rotating columnist from January 2011-February 2012! 

Barton's columns have received many responses from local community members throughout the year.

Check out News and Observer columns here. 


Leaving Traces: Diving From the Nest

Megan Cutter displayed her photographs and her mother's artwork in the exhibit: Leaving Traces: Diving from the Nest at the Junior League Art Gallery, Bama Theatre from June 2-24, 2011 in Tuscaloosa, AL.

While Barton and Megan were there, they taught Creative Expressions Workshops at UCP and The Arc of Tuscaloosa County. They handed out over 100 writing & wellness care packages to neighbors, community members, FEMA Centers, and at Megan's exhibit.

Megan posted blogs about her display and experience with tornado relief efforts at Writing 4 Wellness.

While she was hanging her display in Tuscaloosa, she was featured on Tuscaloosa News CBS, Channel 42. Check out the clip here!

In addition, Megan was featured in the News and Observer prior to her trip, as she was collecting items for donation. Check out the North Raleigh News Section of the News & Observer here!


The Love Seat Promotional Clip

Barton and Megan Cutter were featured in The Love Seat, a documentary about relationships and disabilities with a "When Harry Met Sally" feel.Produced by the Institute on Human Development & Disability (IHDD). Check out a clip below!

The Love Seat - 3 min promo from IHDD Media Center on Vimeo.


Open Mic Night Gives Voice to Writers

Congratulations to local writers Megan Cutter, Barton Cutter, Alice Osborn, Sean Ingram and Vanessa Vendola for their contribution to the article published in The News and Observer, North Raleigh News Section on August 1, 2010."Open Mic Night Gives Voice to Writers" written by Jennifer Gregory, shedding light to the many benefits of open mic nights and local literary events. 

North Carolina Writer's Network Open Mic Nights are held monthly. To find out about the next Open Mic, contact Megan Cutter.

 Click here to view the article in its entirety. 


Transformation After Motherloss

Megan Cutter experienced the death of her mother in 2001, and wrote a memoir about her motherloss experience. Megan was a recent guest on a podcast about personal transformations after mother loss. 

No matter what age you are, losing a mother or maternal figure can be incredibly transformative, both in experiencing loss and grief and in discovering life without that maternal connection.

Facilitated by Bridgette Mongeon and introducing Nancy Wesson, Megan Cutter adds the perspective of having lost her mother at the age of 25 and talks about the ways she was impacted, both in loss but also creatively as well. ll three offer a dynamic discussion on the camaraderie surrounding mother loss.

Click here for the first podcast.

Click here for the second podcast.


For more information on God's Word Podcast & Blog, click here.


People First Conference in West Virginia

Click here to see the full article as printed in The

In September, Barton and Megan spoke to over 200 attendees at the 16th Annual People First Conference "Healthy Relationships: New Beginnings!" held at Jackson's Mill in West Virginia.This conference, sponsored by the West Virginia Developmental Disabilities Council, was an incredible opportunity for people and couples with disabilities to attend a variety of workshops and activities focusing on creating healthy relationships. Barton and Megan were not only keynote speakers, they led two workshops and stayed to talk individually with as many people as they could to discuss the challenges and successes of creating healthy relationships.


Love Rolls On You Tube Video

Barton and Megan have found that many people have questions about their relationship as an inter-ability couple. Check out their You Tube video!

Check out Barton and Megan's personal blog at!


International Conference on Self Determination

Barton and Megan Cutter presented their story at the International Conference on Self-Determination Pre-Conference Session “Advocates Taking Charge: Getting a Life Using the Principles of Self-Determination - A Panel Presentation," held on May 3, 2009 from 1-5pm in Winston Salem. For more information about the conference, visit Megan and Barton Cutter gave a presentation on “Self-Determination in Full Practice…Total Control of My Life.” 

To hear the audio version of their talk, visit their blog at



The Reality of Disability and Relationships

Barton and Megan Cutter were featured on a set of panelists for the breakout session entitled "The Reality of Relationships and Disability (Real Relationships, Risks and Responsibilities)" at The North Carolina Council for Developmental Disabilities annual conference held on November 20-21, 2008 at The North Raleigh Hilton. The breakout session was held on Thursday, November 20th from 1-3pm. Barton and Megan, along with other panelists, will speak about their own relationship, the importance of supporting people with disabilities having relationships, challenges and inspiration for a successful relationship. Click here to read about Megan and Barton's contribution to the conference.


Megan Cutter on Blog Talk Radio

Megan Cutter was interviewed on Blog Talk Radio, Thursday, November 6, 2008 from 12-1pm EST. Megan Cutter discussed her transition from working in the corporate world to co-owning her own business, Cutter's Word, LLC. In addition to her telling her story on “writing her way to the top,” she provides inexpensive tips for marketing your own business in these economically challenging times. To listen to the archive from your computer, link to


NCCDD Poster Campaign

Barton Cutter was chosen to be part of a poster campaign for the North Carolina Council for Developmental Disabilities in 2007.  To order your own poster, visit the NCCDD website.

Click here to view PDF of poster.
Reprints may not be made without permission of the NCCDD.


The Love Between Them

Barton and Megan Cutter were married in 2004 at a small church in Tuscaloosa, AL. In 2005, they knew that they would need to relocate to a place more accessible for their family. Barton and Megan find that wherever they go, there is an opportunity to inspire others with the love they share. Read on to find out how their love story began.

Click here for PDF of the original article printed in Tuscaloosa News.

by Markeshia Ricks

A chance meeting two years ago brought a love to face all odds.
Barton and Megan Cutter practice a martial arts maneuver Saturday morning on the University of Alabama Quad. The couple met in Arizona in 2002 and married on November 13, 2004, in Tuscaloosa. They said they continue to study martial arts to protect not only themselves, but each other if necessary.

Barton and Megan Cutter are a lot like most newlyweds. They finish each other's sentences when one can't remember something. And they still beam when they share the details of their courtship and nuptials of less than a year ago.


Mother, Daughter Find Common Ground at Exhibit

In May 2001, Megan Cutter and her mother, Anna von deBardeleben held a joint exhibition "Leaving Traces" at the Junior League Gallery/Bama Theatre in Tuscaloosa, AL which featured Megan's photography and her mother's oil, pastel and fractal multi-media paintings. Read on to find out more about their collaboration.  

Click here for a PDF of the original article published in The Tuscaloosa News. 

by Mark Hughes Cobb

The “Leaving Traces” art exhibit focuses on the environment and nature.”

While the mother-daughter team of Anna von deBardeleben and Megan McLeod was preparing the joint art exhibit “Leaving Traces,” a family of birds began building a nest.

“It was right outside the house,” von deBardeleben said, “We could watch the whole progression through the window.”

This “silly little story” began to take on deeper meaning for the mom, as she saw the baby birds strain and grow.