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PetchaKutcha Night

Thursday, March 6, 2014, 6:30-9:30pm

Flanders Gallery, Raleigh NC

Please join us for Volume 17 of PechaKucha Night Raleigh. Six speakers, including nationally recognized authors S. Barton and Megan M. Cutter will speak about their passions. Theme: New Ventures. PetchaKutcha hosts presenters from the Triangle area talking about topics they are passionate about, and doing it in a unique format of no more than 6 minutes 40 seconds, using 20 slides for 20 seconds each. You can expect lots of great images and spoken words to fire up your creative spirit! 

Download the flier here!

For more information, visit


The Abilities Expo Atlanta
March 14-16, 2014
Atlanta, GA

See Barton and Megan Cutter at Booth #115

Making the Impossible Possible: Overcoming Roadblocks, Challenges and “Nos”

Saturday, March 15, 2014, 2:30-3:30pm 

Presented by S. Barton Cutter and Megan M. Cutter, authors of “Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll”

Have you ever found the perception of your disability discourages your from reaching for your dreams? Often, roadblocks, challenges, and being told “no” can stop you in your tracks. The courage for youth, adults with disabilities, and their families to dream can easily be overshadowed by perceptions of the “realistic.” With humor and edgy honesty, Barton and Megan Cutter, authors of Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll, will redefine the perspective throughout which you see possibilities by sharing specific strategies to achieve your dreams. Rediscover your capacity to believe in what can become possible. This workshop will leave you inspired, motivated and ready to jump into action. Learn more about the Cutters and their story at your calendars for The Abilities Expo Atlanta in March 14-16, 2014. Barton and Megan will be speakers and will be exhibiting at The Abilities Expo in Atlanta, GA.

For more than 30 years, Abilities Expo has been the go-to source for the Community of people with disabilities, their families, seniors, veterans and healthcare professionals. Every event opens your eyes to new technologies, new possibilities, new solutions and new opportunities to change your life. Where else can you discover ability-enhancing products and services, play a few adaptive sports, learn new dance moves, attend informative workshops and only scratch the surface of what Abilities Expo has to offer? The Abilities Expo Atlanta is free and open to the public. To register, visit: The Abilities Expo.

NC APSE Spring Conference

 March 26-28. 2014

Carolina Beach, NC

Keynote: Wednesday, March 26, 1:00-2:00pm
Opening to Life: Reaching Beyond Boundaries, Limitations, and Challenges

Break-out Session: Thursday, March 27, 9:00-10:15am
Inclusive Leadership

NC APSE is a membership organization that is a state chapter of national APSE: TheAssociation for People Supporting EmploymentFirst.  Membership is open to everyone who supports increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The 2014 Spring Conference will focus on Today’s Vision: Tomorrow’s Reality- Innovate, Integrate, Motivate. 

Register here at NC APSE.


Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll

Barton and Megan are excited to announce 

the publication of their memoir: 

Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll  

Our journey together is etched in wheelchair tracks,
carved by laughter and love; these are the stories of our lives.

~Barton and Megan Cutter

As a child, Barton dreamed of walking his bride down the aisle and whisking her over the threshold in his arms. His vision dwindled as he grew older, but he never fully accepted the label of cerebral palsy or the limitations that others placed on him. Megan was at the cusp of defining her identity as a young woman and writer but wasn’t sure how to define love, and she certainly never expected love to carry her away on a wheelchair.

This unlikely couple encountered each other for the first time at a martial arts seminar in Tucson, Arizona. Little did they know that their connection would lead to a life of adventure, passion, and purpose. Together, they defied the odds.

Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll depicts the journey of an inter-ability married couple as they explore the courage and perseverance to thrive in a relationship.

Together, they share their own story and dive into themes of intimacy, family influences and dynamics, creating external and internal support networks, direct support staff and the balance of care giving, losing faith in each other and themselves- and finding it again.

Here are what attendees at their release event had to say.

Check out details for upcoming events, book reviews, and speaking engagements here:!