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Specializing in coaching and mentoring for independence and inclusion

Here’s a question for you- what would it be like to know that no matter who you are and what challenges you face, you don’t have to be defined by your limitations? What would be possible then? Likely, much more than you see now!

So which ones inspire you and how do you bring those possibilities into reality?

I’m Barton Cutter, professional coach and mentor, and I’m here to walk with you along this thrilling journey.

Through coaching and mentorship you will find new clarity about who you are and the life you want to lead, a greater ability to trust yourself, and the confidence to move through your fears and generate action that propels you toward your goals.

For youth, both with and without disabilities, I can help you face the day-to-day challenges of school, bullying, and family, with greater confidence and problem-solving skills. By identifying strengths and values, we can work towards a plan to reach your goals and dreams.

No matter what stage of life you are in,
coaching and mentoring can:

• get rid of the junk in your head that’s telling you what you can’t do.

• tap into the power of laughter and humor in navigating challenges.

• dive into your life with the courage to soar and the faith to fly.

• offer the push to get your wheels in motion.

• allow you to burst into the brilliance of your success!

In my own life, facing diverse situations with unending laughter and determination has always carried me through. Despite living with Cerebral Palsy, I’ve never allowed my disability or its perceived limitations to stop me from experiencing every aspect of life. I combine over ten years of teaching martial arts and life skills with an outlook on life that is both humorous and unstoppable to provide you an experience that is mind-blowing, practical and effective.

Coaching and mentoring sessions are up to an hour for individuals. Full day and half day mentoring sessions are also available.

This time is designed to provide ample space to inspire action and deepen the learning of the individual or family being coached. I provide a safe and supportive environment for those receiving coaching to look within, grow, and trust their abilities. Sessions are offered in person or over the phone with additional email or instant message support during and after the call.

For more information on coaching plans and pricing, call (919) 741-4876 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it today! I do have a rather unique (and thick) accent from Cerebral Palsy, so when you call please be patient.

Here's what others are saying:

"Barton absolutely refuses to have his disability define him. He is modeling what it looks like to not only have a calling but to act on it. If you are lucky enough to meet him you will see that both he and Megan are challenging our very idea of disability."
~ Kate Roske

"The journey of searching for the root of success versus the concept of searching for the root of a problem was a novel enough approach to get me into the same room as Barton. His 'shoot from the hip' to get to the heart of the matter method is what got me to stay! Barton's style of guiding you through an expedition of self-discovery is so gentle that often times you feel like you are just chatting with a friend over coffee when in reality you are visiting your inner soul. Once there, Barton helps facilitate the unearthing of what it takes to be successful. Having been a skeptic of things like coaching, I now profess to being a believer thanks to Barton!"
~Steve Potts, Professional Event Planner

“I had the pleasure of first meeting Barton in a coach-training course I was co-leading for the Coaches Training Institute. To say that I was impressed with him or that he surprised me with his ability would be a gross understatement... With his insight, intuition, and an uncanny incisiveness that comes straight from the heart, Barton blew me out of the water. The man can coach. Be forewarned, however: Barton has an extremely sensitive bulls--t-meter, and he makes no bones about calling it as he sees it - no running, no hiding. If you know it's time to get on with becoming who you were meant to be, if you are really ready to take action, if you are willing to be challenged and take ownership of and responsibility for your life, you will find your time with Barton Cutter well spent.”
~Ken Mossman, CTI Faculty

"In my first session with Barton Cutter, I felt stripped and naked in front of a tribal fire, there is something almost holy when standing in front of the tribal dreamweaver that takes your accounts and distills them into light. I have found his insight even in a single idea, the key to understanding the jumbled puzzle we spend lifetimes trying to solve."
~Nancy Stolfo-Corti, Author