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Specializing in coaching families toward independence, communication and advocacy

Raising a child with a disability, or any child, can be amazing, challenging, breath taking, overwhelming and sometimes just outright scary. On the one hand, you’re completely aware of your child’s brilliance and their own capacity to learn, grow and succeed. On the other hand, you’re bombarded by professional opinions and the judgment of others telling you what your child can’t do.

While life will always have it’s challenges, choosing to thrive and provide a playful environment where your child can explore, grow and discover independence is well within reach.

What would it be like to know that your child is fully capable of growing up with the confidence and skills necessary to lead an independent and fulfilling life?

As a coach and mentor, I love working with parents and families who know their child has the potential to change the world! I combine an unorthodox sense of humor with a playful lightness to support each member of a family in building independence, moving toward inclusion and enhancing cohesion among all family members while offering unique insight into life with a disability, navigating different disability and educational systems, and creating out-of-the-box solutions to everyday obstacles.

Coaching and mentoring will allow you to:

• tear down the barriers that create internal fear, anxiety and worry.

• experience the hope and confidence that your child can have a more fulfilling life than anyone can imagine for them.

• shift your approach from only planning for the worst to embracing and preparing for ALL of the possibilities.

• strengthen the trust and love between each family member.

• experience the power of laughter and humor in navigating challenging situations.

• find a more cohesive flow and purpose for the family unit.

• clarify roles and raise responsibilities among all family members.

• empower each family member to engage in and collaborate on creative problem-solving.

Creating a solid family foundation includes identifying outside resources to help maintain the family balance, ensuring that individual connections are given proper attention and are not sacrificed, and creating proper boundaries within and outside of the family unit.  With these connections clear and strong, your family becomes resiliant, flexible and elegant like a well woven piece of fabric! 

Coaching and mentoring sessions are up to an hour and a half for families. Full day and half day mentoring sessions are also available.

This time is designed to provide ample space to inspire action and deepen the learning of the family. I provide a safe and supportive environment for those receiving coaching to look within, grow, and trust their abilities. Sessions are offered in person with additional email or instant message support during and after the call.

For more information on coaching plans and pricing, call (919) 741-4876 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it today! I do have a rather unique (and thick) accent from Cerebral Palsy, so when you call please be patient.