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Turning the Page: Changing Our Community One Book at a Time

In Natural Awakenings, August issue, Megan Cutter featured Read and Feed, a local organization who aims to help elementary children in the Triangle area.

 While many youth enjoy typing away on computers, Wii’s and I-phones, there’s
nothing like the pages of a great book to teach children reading, analytical
thinking, and comprehension skills. Learning to read is a vital part of
thriving in the community. However, according to literary statistics, since
1983 more than ten million Americans have reached the 12th grade
without being able to read at the basic level, and more than six million
dropped out of school. Even more striking is that youth who are considered
disadvantaged have a first-grade vocabulary just half that of the average

Click here to read the article in its entirety.



Opening Your Heart to a Pet Companion

Published in natural Awakenings, January 2009, Megan Cutter explores the joys and challenges of pet adoption and hi-lights two local pet rescue centers.

In October, our family adopted Basho, one of six puppies that were found in a drainpipe. The family who found them became foster parents until permanent homes were located. We worked with an independent pet adoption agency to process the adoption, which included a detailed application and a first meeting. When we met Basho, our hearts melted and we knew this puppy was our new pet companion. Since we already had a black lab, we knew the work that would go into training a new puppy- it has been well worth it.

Click here for full article as published.


Local Women Leading the Way to a Better World

As a member of Chix, a local woman's organization, Megan Cutter published an article in Natural Awakenings in May 2009 about several local women's organizations leading the way to make a positive impact on the community.

Throughout the Triangle, active women business leaders are forging the way to a better community and a better world fro growing young girls and women. Throughout history, women have led the way in creating opportunities for the personal growth of their daughters and sisters. Locally, women are working hard to provide support and resources to young women in a variety of ways.

Click here for the full article as published.


Baby Steps Toward a New Generation

In this article, published in Natural Awakenings, April 2009, Megan writes about safer products for the next generation.

Going green isn't just about making choices for our own benefit- it is also about ensuring the health and well-being of future generations. In a time when news clips about recalled products are becoming standard fare and many household products contain toxin chemicals, our children and grandchildren are at risk.

Click here for the full article as published.


Circa Magazine

In January of 2009, Megan published three haiku in Circa Magazine (formerly Heritage Magazine). Click for a JPEG of the clip as published.

White snowflakes drifting
beneath the old oak tree
dancing in the streetlight.

Through the thick gray rain,
the outline of a maple
peers back at me.

Dewdrops hang in a line
down the camellia blossoms
falling off the tip.

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