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North Carolina Council and Direct Support Professionals

Published in November 2008, Barton Cutter reports on the North Carolina Council and Direct Support Professionals. Beginning in 2007, the NC Council on Developmental Disabilities
(NCCDD) undertook a series of initiatives to support the state in addressing the recruitment and retention of a high quality, frontline workforce to assist people with disabilities.  In
doing so, NCCDD introduced the state to a new term from the national community–direct support profes- sionals (DSPs).

Click here for a PDF of the original article as printed in the ADD Update, November 2008 (found on pages 7-8).


A Coming Crisis for those Needing Personal Care

In this editorial piece published in The News and Observer on Thursday, July 31, 2008, Barton Cutter discussing the potential crisis for those needing personal care assistance. While the demand for personal care assistance in creasing dramatically each year, there is much concern  as the value for these jobs diminishes creating high turn over, unqualified workers and a shortage of direct support professionals.

 Click for a PDF of the full article as published.


Fighting Back: The Importance of Self Defense

Published in Ability Magazine, January 2005. "One summer evening in Tucson, Arizona, I was on my way home from the university after staying late to finish an assignment.  It was about and the sun was almost at rest behind the Tucson Mountains.  When I was about half way to my destination, I noticed a figure standing on the corner about a block away.  As I got closer, I saw a man in his early twenties looking to rather scruffy as though he had not showered in several days.  He was, at best, an imitation relic left over from the sixties era in need of a fix.  As I came within his range, he asked me if I had any and loose change.  I said that I had no money and kept going.  He was persistent, however, and at the point where I was closest to him, he took several steps to approach me with a clearly malicious intent. "

Click for a PDF of full article as published


People First Teen

Published in 2005 by Woodward Communication for the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities, this booklet provides information on People First Language for youth ages 13 through 19.

Click for a PDF of full article as published


Family and Young Adult Issues

Published in March of 2006 by Woodward Communication for the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities, "This booklet is designed to help families understand what happens when an individual with an intellectual disability turns 18.* It includes sections on rights and responsibilities, guardianship and other alternatives, terminology and resources. The information in this booklet is based on this state's guardianship law (found in Chapter 35A of the North Carolina General Statutes), other state and federal laws, and the commonly accepted interpretations of these laws."

Click for a PDF of full article as published 

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