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About Barton 

Imagine coming face to face with someone that challenges, inspires and breaks down all of the walls that prevent you from living your dreams. How would you respond?

Barton Cutter lives his life out loud, finding joy and excitement in supporting others to find the freedom to succeed.

With a flair for mind-blowing humor and a tangible passion that touches all he meets, Barton offers thrilling coaching and mentorship experiences to people with disabilities, their families and organizations seeking inclusion that is sure to spur transformation, independence and full participation.

Barton has transformed his circumstances of a life with Cerebral Palsy from a drive to find freedom from others’ expectations to a laughing shock-wave of reality that stirs everyone and anyone to their greatest potential.

A professional coach, mentor and writer, Barton challenges those he works with to rediscover their own brilliance and build rich, meaningful lives within their communities. Barton is also the author of Youth Leaders in Action, a leadership curriculum for young people with disabilities.

With a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona, Barton has created for himself and his family a life that speaks to his deepest values. His passion for helping others grow is evident in his writing, teaching martial arts, and life coaching, not to mention his ever-optimistic approach to life. He has written on disability-related issues for The Raleigh News & Observer, ABILITY Magazine, the NC Council on Developmental Disabilities, Persona Magazine, the NC Office on Disability & Health, and the NC Disability Action Network.



Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, May 2004, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Publications & Awards

“Dream Guides Us On” The News & Observer July 2011

“Being Aware Leads to Power” The News & Observer June 2011

“With This Ring, There’s Quite a Bit of Confusion” The News & Observer April 2011

“Facing Storms With Optimism” The News & Observer March 2011

“Finding Courage to Commit” The News & Observer February 2011

“Finding a Way to Connect” The News & Observer January 2011
Selected as Our Lives columnist for 2011, The News & Observer

“Summit Report Offers Direction for Developmental Disability Policy” North Carolina Council Community News
November-December 2008

“North Carolina Council and Direct Support Professionals” ADD Update November 2008

“A Coming Crisis for Those Needing Personal Care” The News & Observer July 31, 2008

Youth Leaders in Action 2007 Curriculum Woodward Communications, 2007

Triangle Access Award: Breaking Down Attitudinal Barriers, 2006

Hefner Award Nominee, 2006

FYI: Family & Young Adult Issues Woodward Communications, 2006

People First Youth Woodward Communications, 2005

“Fighting Back: The Importance of Self-Defense” Ability Magazine January 2005

Co-author of “Barton Walks!” The Bracelet Vol. 5, 2 Spring 2004

“The Cross” The Bracelet Vol. 5, 3 Summer 2004

Co-author of “Illuminating Foster Auditorium” The Bracelet Vol. 5, 4 Fall 2004

 “Gimp’s Night Out” Persona April 2002

Third Degree Black Belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu


Professional Associations

  Alliance for Disability Advocates Center for Independant Living Board of Directors 2011-Present

  Triangle Area Freelancers November 2005-Present

  North Carolina Office on Disability and Health Advisory Committee October 2005-2008

  North Carolina Youth Leadership Network Governing Board January 2006-October 2006

  North Carolina Family Advisory Council March 2006-2008