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Cutter's Edge Consulting: Bringing Life Coaching and Writing for Independence and Personal Empowerment to Life!

We empower you 
to live at your pinnacle —

ª Life Coaching for Individuals and Couples 

ª Coaching for Writers from hidden voices to aspiring authors

ª Motivational Speakers and Trainers

ª Inclusive Leadership

ª Mentoring for Independence

ª Self Defense and Safety Skills

Barton and Megan work hands-on to provide clients with experiential learning opportunities. Whether through individual life and writing coaching, speaking, or leading group workshops, Barton and Megan will reveal a world of new possibilities, to give you the tools to live life at your pinnacle. 

Who We Work With:

• Youth and Adults, with and without disabilities

• Writers and Artists, of all ages and abilities

• Families and Couples, with and without disabilities

• Professional Leaders and Organizations

Meet Barton and Megan: Leaders in Transformation

Married for eight years, Barton and Megan Cutter work to empower individuals of all abilities to live fully engaged lives.

A life coach and mentor, Barton combines his experience of living with cerebral palsy, a keen wit, and a professional background in leadership development.

Megan is a writer, social media strategist, and creative writing facilitator, working with adults to discover their own voice.

In their latest book, Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll, Barton and Megan share their own story and many of the skills they teach through personal coaching, leadership training, and speaking engagements.

Together, they speak on disability awareness, healthy relationships,  leadership development, and personal empowerment.   

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“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”
–Neale Donald Walsch